Top 4 pros and cons for buying a gaming PC or a console

gaming PC vs. console
gaming PC vs. console

Many people are gaming on a console and many are also playing on a gaming pc. The discussion about what is better is as old as the pcs and consoles themselves. If it belongs to the performance the most gaming pcs should be much better than consoles because they are more powerful, faster, and more efficient than consoles. In this article, you will find out the pros and cons of buying a gaming pc or console.

Our first positive aspect is the higher quality of graphics. With a good gaming pc, you are able to play almost all games on the highest resolution-settings while the consoles are bound to lower resolution-settings because of the not that powerful graphic board. For example, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti has a performance of 14,2 Teraflops while the PS4 Pro has only 4,20 Teraflops and the normal PS4 only 1,84 Teraflops. Additionally, a gaming pc has a lot more frames per second than a console. While a console has a limit of 60 FPS a good gaming pc can have more than four times more FPS.


The higher performance at all is much better than on consoles. With a self-configured gaming pc, you can choose how good the performance should be. You can configure a pc with many terabytes of memory while one terabyte is already special for consoles. With the opportunity of building your own pc you can configure it how you like for example you can equip it with the most powerful components, which would be however really expensive.

This leads to our third aspect, which is the costs. Sure, it is expensive to buy a gaming pc but it’s worth because the costs are much lower once you have the pc than for consoles. For example, the games are generally ten to twenty dollars cheaper than on consoles. Additionally, you have to pay for playing online on consoles (around 60$ in a year) which you don’t have to if you play on the pc. On pc there also more sales and free games which you can play. On console there are not that many sales but you can buy your console in a bundel like for example a PS5 bundles with an additional game. You can also upgrade a gaming pc with newer components but if you want to upgrade a console you have to buy the new version which would cost a lot.

Our last aspect is the convenience. A console is more compact than a pc. You can put it easily in the living room, sit down on the sofa and just play some relaxing rounds. A console is more for those who want to play relaxing on the couch and maybe also local with friends. With a gaming pc, you have to be on your desk. It’s for those who want to play more professional. And with the right gaming chair, the gaming session can also be as convenient as on a couch.

Our conclusion is that everybody can choose if he/she wants a gaming pc or a console. The consoles are for those who want to play casual and relaxed. The people who don’t play that often and just want to have a nice evening with their friends playing local some rounds, don’t need a gaming pc. But for more serious gamers who play often and want the best or good performance, they should better buy a gaming pc than a console.



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