Gaming communities – SoSa gamenight


In its beginnings and until the 1980s, video and computer games were primarily played in public arcades. The teenagers met there to play on the machines themselves or to look over the shoulder of others. With home computers and consoles that could be connected to the television, electronic gaming initially shifted to private space and the possible audience was reduced to friends and relatives. Video recordings of digital game scenes only occurred occasionally in TV reports. The increasing networking via the Internet finally opened up new communication spaces: gaming experiences were initially exchanged in text form in forums and enriched with screenshots. Later there were lets plays and gaming communities.

Are you loving to play video games but you don’t have mates to play with? Well, that’s bad but it is no problem. There are a lot of community discords of famous YouTubers and gamers. You can find there easily mates or groups to play with. There are a lot of community discords where a lot of people are online and playing at every time. There are also other websites and methods to find groups or mates for gaming. One of them is SoSa.

What is SoSa?

SoSa is a website for a community that runs game nights regularly. They meet and play different games on previously announced dates like for example: next game night is on 17th May and were playing WitchIt. After the game night, they are uploading their game night footage on youtube. At the moment they are testing the app and everybody can join the beta program to get get the first versions of the app and be involved.


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