RuneScape: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


RuneScape is a medieval MMORPG from Jagex. The open-world game looks back on a long history since its release in 2001. In the world of Gielinor, you face numerous adventures or earn your money by selling well-traded items.

In PvP worlds, players put their skills to the test against each other. So that newcomers don’t miss out, we have put together helpful tips in the following guide to make it easier for you to get started with RuneScape.

Tips and tricks to get you started

In order to understand the game better and get to know its content, the adventures are best suited. You open a list of all adventures with the F3 key. Optionally, a click on the third symbol from the left in the menu bar is sufficient. The “Adventure” tab is located in the opened window.

On successful completion, adventures give you adventure points that can be exchanged at an adventure shop. If you want to specialize in completing quests, it is always worth stopping by there. Magic cubes containing helpful items are already available for 25 adventure points.

In addition to the adventures, there are also the paths to success and regional exploration tasks to be mastered. The success paths contain intermediate successes that take you by the hand if you don’t know exactly what to do.

The regional exploration tasks help to get to know the cities and areas better. Keep checking the exploration menu on your journey. Most of the tasks are easy to complete and quick to complete.

Open the adventure menu with F3, where you will find the daily challenges in the “Challenges” tab. They vary every day and give you additional experience points for your skills. The higher the level of your skills, the higher the reward for completing the daily challenges. High-level skills are of course something that everyone wants to have but is not that easy to achieve. If you don’t have enough time to play or just want to try them out you could also consider buying an OSRS Maxed Main Rental.

To get from A to B quickly, activate a magnetite in every major city. You can use them to teleport to a city where the magnetite has already been activated. Some magnetites are only activated when certain requirements are met.


How do I make a lot of gold?

The linchpin to making lots of osrs gold in RuneScape is the Great Market Hall. There you can find out about the prices at any time in order to sell items at a good price. You can find a good overview on the Great Market Hall subpage of the official website.

The market hall is cross-server so that every player can see and buy your range of goods. The prerequisite for being able to buy and sell in the market hall is the completion of the in-game introduction. You will then also have access to the bank.

There you can store valuable items or temporarily store items that you want to sell when the price rises. This is one of the best osrs money making methods. You can access the bank in most cities. The bank can be a building, a box, or an NPC. It is marked with a dollar icon on the map.


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