Last Pirate is an up-and-coming amalgam of the survival and pirate game


Survival games have been on track since Minecraft popularized this genre. A bulk of miscellaneous survival games with various settings and features are available now on the mobile markets.

Last Pirate: Island Survival is a successful blend of Rust and Sea of Thieves games. At the beginning of the game, you find yourself on the deserted (is it that uninhabited as it may seem?) island in the ocean. A hook instead of your left hand will serve you like a primitive weapon and tool. Now your survival game begins.

You are going to face a lot of challenges – to save yourself from starving, thirst, and damages.

A day/ night mode creates an even more realistic impression of the survival experience,

In the daytime, you can feel relatively safe, if only you omit to clash into wild animals and zombies.

In the night is the time ruled by the evil. Watch out not to fall, prey to skeletons and zombies appearing in the dawn.

Crafting is a significant feature of the Last Pirate. Diversified system of craft allows you to make different types of weapons, tools, and armor.

Create your own reality on the island in the sea. Accept challenges – explore the territory, hunt for hidden treasures, craft a fishing rod and get some nutritious food. This game offers a bulk of opportunities to evolve as a true survivor in a hostile and intense environment.


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