Dragon Age: Bioware’s Finest RPG Ages Well After All These Years


Dragon Age is one of Bioware’s best games, and it holds up quite well against other titles from the studio like Mass Effect and Jade Empire. Calling it the best RPG from the studio can be a bit of a stretch, but we are willing to go that far.

Dragon Age 4 is still a couple of years away at the very least, and while we are waiting for it, Dragon Age is something you should revisit if you want to revisit Bioware’s peak influence in the world of roleplaying games. While it might not have the same cultural impact that Mass Effect did or the mind-boggling moral delirium that Jade Empire puts you in, it still is a very solid RPG. But no conversation can be complete without mentioning the Inquisition. The game did not get the same amount of praise that the original title did, but it did definitely impress enough to be a solid RPG from the studio.

Dragon Age – Is It Worth The Hype?

Image Credit: BioWare

If you have tried out games like The Witcher 3 or Skyrim, we recommend checking Dragon Age out. The game is in the same vein as any other RPG fantasy classic, but it does have a lot of ground that it holds on its own. Is it the best game of the generation? Of course not. But the game did undeniably shape how modern-day RPGs are made.

The plot of the original Dragon Age is something that nearly no studio has been able to emulate. We have seen developers put out some great stories, but most of the titles that are driven by great writing fall flat when it comes to the moral ubiquity that Dragon Age presents. Most games have a sense of right or wrong that is predetermined. Player choice exists in games, but it is seldom valued. Dragon Age sheds that persona of an RPG and lets you decide if the choices you make throughout the campaign are right or wrong.

The Codex

Image Credit: BioWare

One of the best things about Dragon Age is that you have access to the codex. Every conversation you have within the game that concerns the main plot can be revisited. We often tend to forget important conversations that we have within games, and being able to have a diary of everything you ever said or did really improves the experience.

The variety in the races is also something that was very well done. Most games we play these days often tend to have reskinned elements of similar factions or even just recolors. If you are into high fantasy, you should definitely

Deep and Expansive Gameplay

You can invest dozens of hours and still feel that the game has something new to offer. We are not even talking about just fetch quests and side missions that are designed to soak up your time. There is plenty of DLC that was released post-launch as well, so if you missed out on those, we recommend giving it a shot again.
The Dragon Age game world is incredibly vivid, and it keeps bringing us back to it from time to time, so we do recommend that you give it another go and compare it to the greats that came after it.


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