The biggest Fortnite streamers

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In just a short time, Fortnite has thrilled the whole world. Fortnite impressed with lots of cool skins, items and the new feature: building. There are also numerous Fortnite fans among YouTubers and streamers. In this article, we present the most popular of them.

The Fortnite Youtube streamer par excellence: Ninja

Ninja, also known as Richard Tyler Blevins, is a hugely successful streamer and YouTuber.

  • He was one of the first streamers to play Fortnite: Battle Royale in 2017.
  • When the game became popular worldwide shortly thereafter, it suddenly reached a huge audience.
  • He had a great comeback after Ninja’s eye surgery that stopped him streaming for a while and came back to his old strength.
  • Formerly on Twitch, he also streams on the Mixer platform and, of course, YouTube.
  • However, the 28-year-old American rather posts the highlights of his Fortnite streams on YouTube, cut to 10-20 minute highlight reels.
  • He has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube.


Tfue is considered by many to be one of the best Fortnite players and has won numerous top-class tournaments.

  • Florida-based Tfue, also known as Turner Ellis Tenney, has nearly 12 million subscribers on YouTube, over 8 on Twitch.
  • On YouTube, he shows how he wins numerous tournaments and breaks records.
  • But even though he is undoubtedly one of the best Fortnite players, he has recently been attracted by his numerous controversies.
  • At times he was banned by Twitch because he dropped an allegedly racially motivated swear word. After an in-depth investigation, Twitch removed the lock. It was apparently not a discriminatory swear word.
  • Just a year later, he again called a racist swear word in the stream but was not blocked for it.
  • He also sued his former team, FaZe, and claimed that this forced him to drink alcohol and play contests when he was under the age limit for these jobs in the United States. The team has sued him in return for breach of contract since 2019.

YouTube star Lachlan

Lachlan is also extremely popular on YouTube. With over 12 million subscribers, he is also one of the best-known YouTube streamers.

  • He is particularly known for his challenge videos, such as the Heavy Sniper Challenge, which reached almost 3 million viewers.
  • And his collaborations with the aforementioned ninja also attract a lot of attention every time.
  • But of course, Lachlan also posts streams and highlight videos of his Fortnite escapades lasting several hours, and other games such as Minecraft also get attention in between.
  • Lachlan also streams in English.

Fortnite streams in German: KamoLRF

KamoLRF is one of the most successful German Fortnite streamers. He mostly uses the “No-skin” even though he has some of the rarest skins in the game. Learn more about the rarest skins on TheGlobalGaming.

  • With almost 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 600,000 followers on Twitch, he is one of the best-known German streamers.
  • His YouTube videos are always watched by hundreds of thousands and give an insight into his Fortnite tactics.
  • Here you can learn a lot for your own game, as it also describes how it could win various tournaments that were endowed with prize money.
  • However, the majority of his streams are on his Twitch channel.



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