Cricket Games Online – Review


Most people have a console or a gaming pc with lots of games. But there are also many people who don’t have so many games. Maybe they don’t want to pay for games or maybe they aren’t allowed to buy games. Exactly for those people browser games are existing. Many people play browser games and ask what the best is. So we will make a review of the site “Play 123” and their section of online cricket games.

What are browser games?

Browser games are free or sometimes also paid computer games, which you can play in the browser. They are often simple and easy to play. Because there are lots of games like this, some sites specialized themself in browser games. For example, if you want to play bubble shooter play here. Browser games are existing for every known genre. The site with the biggest browser game collection has over 20.000 games. You can play them all for free but you have to watch advertisements.

What is Play 123 about?

Play 123 is also a site with a big browser game collection. You can choose between sections like football, sports, action, puzzle, mahjong, car, bike, arcade, board, fighting, adventure, strategy, Matching Games and many more. One category is cricket and we will take a closer look at this. Play 123 has a great collection of online Cricket Games for you to play and many free Cricket Games to choose from.

Review of the online cricket games

The cricket games are sort by different categories. For example, there are the categories “latest cricket games”, “best rated cricket games” and “most played cricket games”. You have a great selection between many cricket games. We will test for you some games of the different categories and give you our conclusion.

Test of “The Dominator Cup” in the category “best rated cricket games”

The game was fun to play. Of course, it’s just a very simple game which is not so interesting for a long time, but it’s not that easy to hit the ball at the right moment. You can test your reaction time and compete with friends. The graphic of the game is ok and the sounds are funny.

Test of “Tap Cricket” in the category “latest cricket games”

This game is a very good browser game. Even though it’s just a simple game, it can make addictive. It’s well structured, you can level up and play against harder opponents, which  have also different throwing techniques. The game is harder than the first one and more interesting to play. Graphics and sound are good too.

Test of “IPL Cricket” in the category “most played cricket games”

The game is also a very good browser game. Its the game with the most options from those we tested. You can move your character, select the power of your balls and the direction. It’s also the hardest of them. The game has funny animations after each fail and funny sayings. Graphics and sounds are ok.

Our conclusion

Browser games are a good alternative for other games. Even though they are just easy and simple games, they can make lots of fun. Even if you play them only for ten minutes, you can play really long, because there are tons of browser games. Play 123 has a good and wide selection of browser games. From the cricket games, we can recommend “Tap Cricktet” because of its good system.  We can recommend Play 123 to everyone who wants to play browser games.


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