Aim Trainer – Review


The aim is pretty important for every FPS game. Along the game sense its the most important thing in a shooter.  FPS games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike: GO, Call of Duty, PUBG, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege and many more are played a lot. So if you like them too and you have a bad aim you will never win or be good. That’s why you really need to improve your aim.

How can I improve my aim?

There are some ways to improve your aim. One way is to improve the aim by playing a lot and always trying to hit difficult shots. A very important point is the sensitivity. You have to find the best sensitivity for you, with which you can aim the best. In many cases, your aim is bad because you don’t have the right sensitivity. Or you can train your aim by using an aim trainer. There are many aim trainers existing and we will review the “Aim Trainer” for you.

What is “Aim Trainer”?

Aim Trainer is an online game/website with different game modes for improving the aim. The game has the gaming modes: “Challenge”, “Doubleshot” and “Precision”. With the game modes Challenge and Doubleshot you can improve your reaction time and make your aim faster. Precision improves your precision like the name already sais.

Our test of Aim Trainer

We tested Aim Trainer with all its game modes. In our opinion, Challenge which is the basic mode, is a very good trainer because you have to be fast and the targets are moving. They get bigger and smaller and new are coming every second. You have to be fast because you have only three lives so if you miss one or if you are to slow you will die. The Doubleshot mode is really hard because you don’t have so much time but you have to shoot always two targets. Precision is like the basic mode but without lives. Another difference is that the targets are smaller and stay at one size. You have to be fast because you can’t see which target will disappear next. In the future, some more game modes and a top user list will be added.

Our conclusion

It’s a good and well-looking aim trainer which will definitely improve your aim. It’s well structured and easy to use. Another positive point is that it has some different game modes so you can improve your aim better. Altogether we can say that it’s a good choice if you want to improve your aim so we can recommend it to everyone.


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