Zombie Tag Evolution: The Ultimate Gaming Experience


The Zombie world is here: terrifying and yet exciting. Will you be eaten or will you overthrow the zombies along with their evil plans? If you love games that bring hair-raising moments, the Zombie Tag Evolution is a perfect match for you. In the Zombie world where these creatures run loose, the odds of survival as a human can be grim. But if you are smart, this game can give you ways of extending your lifespan as long as possible. The question is, how long can you hang on to your dear human life?

What is Zombie Tag Evolution

It’s the closest thing you can get to Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse on a phone. The amazing game app brings you into a world overrun with zombies that can’t wait to bite into human flesh. They also carry a nasty virus that spells certain doom for humans unfortunate enough to get bitten. Be warned that the zombies’ appetite for human flesh and blood is insatiable!

But no problem if you are a hardened gaming addict, it just makes it more irresistible! If you are a gaming enthusiast, get ready to get drenched in your adrenaline.

Earning your keep in a world of zombies

The currency that keeps both zombie and human running in Zombie country are earning points. Yet the two earn them in different ways. Humans scoop points through staying alive by avoiding being wiped out by the zombies. Zombies earn their points the sadistic way – by biting and infecting more humans.

Zombies are thirsty for not just human blood and flesh but the points it earns them. It helps them speed their way to turning into humans. But humans need the points to cure them of disease caused by the zombies. They can also buy cheat codes.

This sets up the perfect chase where both pursue their destinies in opposite directions. You either infect/avoid infection or get infected.

Can you survive the chase? Only you and your survival skills can decide that.

How different is Zombie Evolution

This game will hold a few surprises for you. It features some intriguing opportunities for socializing. Just like the real world, you can bump into new people and strike up friendships. That may help set up collaborations to fight off the annoying zombie menace.

But is the safe banding with fellow human players enough to keep the Zombie threat at bay? It’s all up to you and what wits you and your new friends can show.

The game also features some amazing GPS geolocation technology. So you can find out who is lurking in your neighborhood, whether friend or foe. This feature allows you to locate neighbors from a radius of between 30 to 60 m.

So realistic is the 3D effects that you can almost hear the sickening breath of the zombies at the back of your neck. You will also need the stomach to endure a landscape strewn with corpses, humans who have fallen victims to the zombies.

Other amazing features

  • Perfect for all ages.
  • Fantastic graphics
  • You can always pick the skill level that you want.
  • Lightning-fast rounds that keep you from getting bored


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