How does elo boost work and is it worth?


Many people use a boosting service to get faster at a higher level or rank. But even more, are asking how it works and if its worth to buy an elo boost. Some are also maybe thinking it is a scam and that they will steal their account. So we will review in this article one elo boosting website and will check how it works and if it is worth.

What is League of legends?

League of Legends, also called LoL, is a computer game developed by Riot Games. It was published on the 27th of October for Windows and macOS. It’s one of the most known free-to-play games which had for example in 2016 around 100 million active players. League of Legends, a hectic and competitive online game, mixes speed and intensity with RPG units. The game running is easy, there are two teams, each player with a strong champion with unique design and style to play, which fight on several maps and game modes. The game stays fresh through ever coming updates which bring new game modes and champions.

How does elo boosting work?

Elo boost is a paid service where a professional player improves the position of a player in the LoL ranked system. It works by allowing a professional gamer to log into your account and play matches. For example, a poor Silver player wants to get ranked higher but hasn’t got the time to play that much. Then he can pay to a professional player and use a boosting service.

Review of an elo boosting website: eloboostlords

They have a reliable, fast and cheap elo boost which is available 24/7. Another positive point is that they have many features which you can use. For example, you can live chat with your booster, you can choose champions you want them to use or you can spectate the boost for being sure that the professional player makes a good booster job. If you need more than one elo boost we would use this website because of the discount points you get every time you buy an elo boost. You can choose between different types of boosts: Soloboost, Duoboost, Solo Netwins, Duo Netwins, Placement Matches, Tier Boosting Packand also LoL smurf accounts. We also like the bonus that you can get coached during the elo boost if you want it, so you can rank up by yourself faster.


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