Best Console to Softmod in 2020 – 1 Year After Modding (Original Xbox vs Wii)


It’s been a year since I made this video comparing the three best softmode consoles of the time: After a year of use, I can say without chance that I played the original Xbox the most. But while this is the best choice for me, is this also the console you should spend your time setting up on? Although the PS3 has become easier to mod than ever, I don’t consider it a favorite because it does little more than provide the ability to play older PlayStation titles. The original Wii and Xbox offer much deeper catalogs and original software. PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE Connect with me! TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: im.bailey (Notice the dot after the m) Xbox GT: Im SpawnTrapped T-Shirt Shop: .



  1. Totally worth it the best investment I made Im A Big Time Gamer, I have 6 MODDED CONSOLES: A wii console w/all the old school games such as Nintendo,Super Nintendo,Nintendo 64,Sega Genesis& MAME ARCADE Plus wii and GameCube All over/7,236???? & Wii U Console W/468???? , A PS1 MINI Console W/350???? & A PS3 Console 325 PS3 ???? & 257 PS2???? & My all-time favorite My Xbox 360 W/Green LED LIGHTS W/Over 1,260???? & My Newest Console Is My PS4 that I have disc& I bought ???? From The PS Store that I have 185 ???? Over 10,000????And Playing It On My 70'in LG ???? "LIFE IS GOOD"????????????

  2. Considering modding my PS 3 slim just to be able to play Ps 1-2-3 all from the same console. I have other modded consoles for retro games, but an all in one Playstation up through PS3 would be nice Im thinking.

  3. There is no reason to mod the wii when you can get dolphin emulator and run it on a potato pc. If you have a decent pc you can run mods, 4k, and your choice of supported controllers.

  4. 3ds is fun since it has the virtual console it can play a ton of old nintendo titles, plus with mods can play DS games from the SD which cant really be played well elsewhere due to its duel screen nature.

  5. still to this day i cannot fimd a decent price original xbox. My old room mate bought a donkey kong arcade with a modded og xbox in it and I just loved it. So much you can do with it.

  6. I'd give the Wii a little bit of edge over the Xbox, u can play N64 games such as GoldenEye/Perfect Dark with the motion controls which breathes new life to those games.

  7. You forgot to mention the awesome CTGP Revolution, a mod for the Mario Kart Wii that gives over 100 new tracks (constantly going up), online playability (since the close down of the official Wii servers), among lots of new features. A must have for Mario Kart fans.
    I have a current gen console (XBOX One), but despite all new and amazing current gen games, the Wii is the videogame of choice for my 9yo son . It was already before modding it, and now, with CTGP Revolution, on it is even more.

  8. I want to buy a second hand Wii to mod. BUT I understand that it does not support youtube anymore?? Can anyone confirm this? And is there a fix for it?

    I really want to watch old movies and other stuff on youtube as well as retro gaming on the side in my mancave.

  9. I have found my modded Wii with GC support is the most cost effective and meets my needs. I use my gaming pc which is the most powerful for emulation with retro arch. Sony and Microsoft used game markets are cheap compared to Nintendo since both companies reduce prices on their games. Nintendo hardly ever drops the price on their games which keeps the used game market prices high especially for Gamecube. Nintendo made 150 million Wiis so there are gonna be enough games out there to meet demand for that amount of consoles where as the GC, Nintendo only sold 20 million plus so the games are far fewer plus they never reduce the prices on their games. You can get used games for Sony's and Mircrosoft's older consoles for 5 to 15 dollars per game where as Nintendo its 20 to 40 dollars per game.

  10. og xbox is still best also not only was it the first to have an internal hdd but the last to have free cd and mp3 upload sharing etc.. in many ways a great hunk of heavy hardware to compliment any retro project..


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