My Ultimate R4 Card Setup! Apps, Emulators & Games!


In this video, I take a tour of my R4 card and the applications, games and emulators it contains! It works on 3DS, 2DS, DSi and DS Lite. Want to see a video about something specific? Let me know! CHECK IT OUT! ► GameBrew – ► Smash Bros. Ultimate – ► DSCraft – ► Mario Craft – OTHER VIDEOS ► Tutorial R4 configuration – JOIN THE COMMUNITY! ► Twitter – ► Discord – ► Subscribe – MUSIC: ► Giana Sisters DS – Overworld 1 ► DSi Shop – Main Menu ► Tomodachi Collection – Island Day INFO: This video is created by Anton Retro. Some videos are for educational purposes. .



  1. I'm thinking of getting an R4 card as 3ds games continue to go up in price. So for this R4 card, we just download the emulators and roms onto the sd card if I'm watching correctly?

  2. I get an error message, when trying to load gba games directly from the file: No flash cartridge in slot2, how do i fix and if i go through the emu. it has sound bugs in most games.
    also 3d games like super monkeyball or doom2 are extremely broken

  3. Hello! I would like to know what i have to do for enable all the slots of real time saves, because my R4 Gold just have 1 slot of the RTS save. Someone here can help me?

  4. Appreciate the content. I have only had solid experiences with the R4 card when it comes to DS, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color games. GBA is hit or miss, and everything else just doesn’t feel or look quite right. It would be awesome to see a company put real effort into these cards for better emulation and 3DS game compatibility, but I think that train has left the station with Chinese handhelds being so cheap and easy to use.

  5. why do people need to use mega upload. It's the most annoying thing, you finally find what looks just like the right files and whatdya know, it's that one website that COMPLETELY PREVENTS YOU FROM DOWNLOADING IT

  6. this video helped a lot but when emulating gba games it seems pokemon emerald won't even run, fire red works fine as do the others i've tested. Looking online i've tried a few solutions but none have seemed to work has this happened to you? and if so do you have any tips on solving it

  7. I didn't manage to make Mario RPG : Legend of the Seven Stars work on SNEmulDS. Did anyone managed to do it ? I only have white screens, and I tried with 2 different roms :/

  8. Is Monster Jam Urban Assault, Scene It Twilight, Kim Possible Kimmunicator, The Biggest Loser and Napoleon Dynamite The Game on that R4 card?
    Are the Game Boy Advance games Danny Phantom The Ultimate Enemy, Bratz The Movie, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Herbie Fully Loaded, Jimmy Neutron Attack of the Twonkies, The Nightmare Before Christmas The Pumpkin King, All Grown Up Express Yourself, That's So Raven and Sabrina the Teenage Witch Potion Commotion on that R4 card?


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