Upcoming Wii Games(2010-2011)[HD]


Upcoming games on Wii. *new* Top 25 Wii games of 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KAeuhPI1u4 Games: Ivy, the Kiwi? Flingsmah Pokepark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure Flip’s Twisted World Lost in Shadow Batman: The Brave and the Bold De Blob: The Underground Sonic Colors Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Mario Sports Mix NBA Jam NHL Slapshot NHL 2K11 Trackmania Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising The Last Story Metroid: Other M Disney’s Epic Mickey Kirby’s Epic Yarn Donkey Kong Country Returns Goldeneye The Conduit 2 Xenoblade The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. .



  1. @Stojfrisk actually there is a wii version you can find videos on the youtube for it and yes the internet / multiplayer mode on the wii version is also downgraded compeared to the ps3 , 360 , PC versions it's lack of a lot's of things and nintendo is also accept it there official nintendo magazine have already gaves it a 90 % on there review, theres even a nintendo DS version.

  2. @8Reuse no!
    i know that theres a wii ver. of black ops, you just said why COD black ops on the wii coulden't have these kinds of graphics?
    well it's because it's a port and the wii ver. of black ops is not really been made in the wii hardware from ground up they just toke the ps3 / 360 game and tuned down the graphics to 50% ~ 40% or whatever to makes it run on the wii, games like the one in this vid like goldeneye or xenoblade is made espeially for the wii thats why they looks good on wii.

  3. @8Reuse black ops wii is not really a wii games it's a port from the big consoles the ps3 / 360 / PC. they just downgrade the graphics from the one have seen in the HD consoles so the wii can handel it while most of these games seen on this video have been made for the wii from ground up.

  4. Everyone: There is currently a large amount of people bombarding the Nintendo Facebook page with demands to bring this, Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower and other non-imported Nintendo exclusives over the the States. Let's show them that we mean business (literally) and tell them what we, the real support of the company, want!

    Thumb this up so word gets out. We might actually have a chance at this succeeding!

  5. Found An awesome site that contains all these games and more, dont worry this is not some spam message me about it ill reply, im just a huge wii supporter, the site is called wiigamezone,com check it out

  6. I'm really wondering why they quit making proper and serious RPGs or Action-Adventures for WII. For the DS they make new Zelda, Paper Mario, and Castlevania Games every other moth. What like this do we have for the WII? ? ?

  7. Releasing the Wii2 2 years before Sony and Microsoft release their next console would really help Nintendo gain control of the market and establish a reliable fan base, thus giving them a huge head start. Besides, graphics can’t really get that much more advanced before the human eye can’t register the improved details.


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