Nintendo DS First-Person Shooter Roundup – minimme


Let’s take a look at every FPS on the DS and rank them all. Did they work? Are they any good? Will mini ever do the sims 2 ds ports? Find out more in today’s video. GBA FPS games: Consider supporting on Patreon: 2nd channel: /channel/UCZgU7kI25wC13XsNvYIBLNA Twitterr: Check out my website and Discord server! .



  1. Shout-out to the COD DS community. In the golden age, we were quite a lively few. Between WaW and MW3, I had ton of fun playing online multiplayer with my pals. We had teams, teamwars, forums, a really nice and sympathetic community. 2009-2011 was really something man, it gave me amazing memories. I wish I could play WaW again and go back in 2009.

  2. Unlike 3DS/Vita-gen, DS and PSP had so many fun first person shooters! I really love those technical achievements in FPS genre they squeezed out of both DS and PSP back then. Great times!

  3. Oh man, I used to play Black Ops and WaW all the time on the DS. They were surprisingly good and I feel worthy of a playthrough. I even 100% them.

  4. I remember on Cod 4 DSI edition – You could drop 2 guns together and it would make any gun you merged with it automatic. You could also just rub your character on the wall and he would phase through it eventually. Used to troll friends on LAN with this back in the day

  5. It's disappointing that DS got so few FPS games, but it still had better lineup than the PSP, the touch screen works way better than a single analog stick of the PSP

  6. I remember playing rogue agent and i played it everyday and everytime is started the game i had to do everything from the beginning, i didn't even mind it at all i just played it and i had a lot of fun, great memories

  7. Metroid prime hunters is the only one that I've played on this list and I didn't really enjoy it, so to see so many of these below it really shows how much ass FPS games on the DS were lol

  8. I never played CoD Zombies on iPod Touch, but I remember my friends were all about it in high school. A few classmates were even playing it during our graduation ceremony.

  9. I literally only played COD Zombies on my ipod touch. I got up to round 52 on Der Reise solo, then my parents finally bought me a 360 for christmas, and I was soooo shook by the difficulty that I couldn't get past the third round until weeks later.

  10. i feel like metroid was most people entry to FPS on the DS. i remember the whole reason i started begging my parents for a DS was because my friend Nathan had one and he had mario kart and metroid on it. something like 3 or 4 years later i finally got one (about the time people started freaking out over the 360 and ps3) but i kept it with me basically everywhere i went: school, grandparents, sleep overs at friends, everywhere

  11. Renegade Kid‘s Dementium almost made me sh*t myself as a 10 year old kid. Playing in the dark with headphones, while parents were sleeping was hell of a good idea, as after playing I was to scared to sleep. ?

  12. they should cast you to play Billy butchers brother in a flashback for the boys. you remind me of the guy who plays Huey on that show and Huey reminds the main characters of Billy's brother.


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