Top 6 best battle royale games 2019 – Top games like Fortnite and PUBG


The Battle Royale genre has taken over the gaming world and is about to leave no survivors. But which battle royales are the most fun?


Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds stormed the gaming world two years ago and cemented the Battle Royale genre as the most popular game genre in the world. Especially Fortnite with hitting 125 million players in its first year.

However, Fortnite and PUBG are not the only battle royale games out there, and today we are taking a look at the best games of the battle royale genre.


1. Fortnite Battle Royale – most popular battle royale in the world

Fortnite Battle Royale

Developer: Epic Games | price: free-to-play | Link:

Everybody knows it, not everybody loves it but while Fortnite Battle Royale might get a lot of hate from the gaming community, there is a reason it is the most popular game in the world. The building mechanics adds another layer of complexity to competitive play and makes this battle royale game different from others.  The gameplay of Fortnite is super smooth and the game is patched weekly with balance adjustments, events, and map changes to keep it fresh.


2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Most ”realistic” battle royale


Developer: PUBG Corp | price: 30 € | Link:

The game that started it all, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or more commonly known as PUBG. After many issues, unstable servers and laggy gameplay PUBG got one of the most popular games of the world. It is a pay-to-play game but the players get for 30$ with PUBG the most realistic battle royale game in the world which also works smooth now because Bluehole has improved the game immensely by adding a ton of new content, balance patches and overall fixes to the gameplay.


3. Apex Legends – best squad-based battle royale

Apex Legends

Developer: Respawn  | price: free-to-play | Link:

In Apex Legends you play as one of the eight hero characters all of which has a unique set of abilities and skills which makes the game more fun and keeps it fresh. It combines a beautiful and very good designed map with a mixture of the best elements from Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite and every good battle royale game. The surprise release of Apex has stormed the gaming world and made the game the fastest growing game of all time with 25 million players in its first week.


4. CoD: Black Ops 4: Blackout – expensive but great

CoD BO4 Blackout

Developer: Treyarch | price: 40 € | Link:

Call of Duty has always been one of the best first-person-shooters on the market, so it was just a question of time when the battle royale mode would be released. The game satisfies with it’s for a Call of Duty game known fast gameplay and its large and realistic map. Another fascinating aspect of this game is the many different guns and gadgets to play with and the zombies waiting in some cities.


5. Ring of Elysium – PUBG in free-to-play

Ring of Elysium

Developer: Tencent| price: free-to-play | Link:

Ring of Elysium or RoE is one of the best competitors for PUBG. Even tough RoE is not that popular like PUBG, RoE is in many ways more polished and smooth than its closest competitor, PUBG. In Roe, you can choose between 3 items, a grappling hook, a bike or a glider, which makes the game a little bit more different to PUBG. Otherwise, PUBG has more maps and content in general, so if you want a lot of variation you might be better off with PUBG.


6. Battlefield V: Firestorm – Best war battle royale

Battlefield V Firestorm

Developer: Dice| price: 60 € | Link:

Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode, Firestorm, supports 64 players and features stunning visuals and fantastic sound design. Matches take place on the largest map in Battlefield history, filled with destructible buildings and vehicles like Panzer tanks. Firestorm may not be quite the reason to buy Battlefield 5, though, especially when a game like Apex Legends is available for free. But it’s still a fun and frantic battle royale mode.





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