Wii – Hidden Gems


The Nintendo Wii may have seen its share of shitty shovelware games, but buried beneath it all are some really fun hidden gems for game collectors. If you’re looking for new Wii games, here are a few I recommend! FEATURED GAMES: Lost in Shadow Dead Space Extraction Muramasha the Demon Blade Kororinpa Marble Mania Red Steel 2 MX vs ATV Untamed Ghost Squad Please use the links below to get offers and help support Metal Jesus Rocks! Buy eStarland console games: http://goo.gl/Ez4070 Buy old DOS and PC games on GOG: http://goo.gl/Ezudc7 Collectorz Game Cataloging: http://goo.gl/i9ZZPA Awesome TeeFury gamer & nerd T-shirts: http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-7674116-11687034 Donate if you like my videos: http://goo.gl/CwivHm FOLLOW ME Twitter: http://twitter .com/MetalJesusRocks Facebook: http://facebook.com/MetalJesusRocks Website: http://www.MetalJesusRocks.com .



  1. when i had my wii. all i ever played was wii sports. and never checked out any other games out on it. and barely played it. and ended up selling it. so i got a Wii u a few moths ago. and while checking out all the wii u games and making myself check out Wii games. there's is quite a few games i wanna check out. this marble mania and lost in the shadow seem fun. will go try to find copies and play em.

  2. Two Trauma Center are also forgotten gems on Wii, it's sad no one talks about it, and story kicks ass, you should try it on wii or emulator 🙂
    Disclaimer: both games are hard as fuck but you can beat them

  3. Here's some more hidden wii gems metal jesus rocks. 1. Fragile dreams 2. Marines modern urban combat 3. Mercury meltdown 4. Game party 3. 5. Silent hill shattered memories 6. Manhunt 2 7. Speed zone 8 fortune street 9. Need for speed undercover

  4. I said it before and I'll say it again I can only see the games and hear you telling me how good the sound is. I have to check another video to hear it. I recommend instead of saying " this sounds good" say "guys listen to this" pause the narration turn up the sound of the game then say " now didn't that sound awesome?" What do you think?

  5. Little King's Story
    Calling: Dark Message 2010
    Kirby's Epic Yarn
    Project Zero 2
    A Boy And His Blob
    Ivy The Kiwi (Creator of Sonic The Hedgehog)
    Disaster Day Of Crises
    Diabolik: Original Sin
    Broken Sword Shadow Of The Templars
    Rune Factory: Frontier ( Similar to Harvest Moon )

  6. So the soulless Playstation never had any shovelware?, Imo ALL games on the XBox is shovelware!, when what happened to Sega happens to Nintendo it will be because of this disrespect for a true pedigree of gaming, it won't be Nintendo's fault, it will be because of douchebags who only want to play GTA & COD

  7. Bully is definitely great on the Wii; the motion controls work so well for it! Another honourable mention is Scarface, which is as close as you'll get to GTA on the Wii (gameplay, theme and soundtrack) and it's an amazing game in its own right!

  8. Don't forget the Wii also got a superb remake of Klonoa that originally came out on the Playstation first, with updated visuals and added story, the game is more of a director's cut and is WORTH having in any Wii collection…I was very surprised to find it among the bargain bin games. Well worth the price even new when it came out but I got it when the games were dirt cheap.

  9. One game that floored me with its premise and game-play mechanics was another unknown over looked title called Pandora's Tower…it was a dark story driven anime style action game where you had to traverse a tower to get to the top to find a cure for your girlfriend who was cursed. The combat was not super special but was different enough. I picked the game up for a song and a dance new sealed from Gamestop when they were almost giving their Wii titles away. I didn't know what to expect and went hardcore looking for any wii titles being they were dirt cheap.

    Pandora's Tower is a rare game now and one worth playing if not one of the most overlooked cause it came out when Nintendo stopped supporting the Wii so the game was bargain bin material and not many people even knew it existed. This title is an adult oriented title and worth a play for anyone who either is into collecting Wii games or just wants something new to play.

  10. Look at Legends of the Indy 500. It is a great driving game (you can do a complete race) and it includes some interesting features, like drafting, changing tires, refueling, etc. It also lets you advance to better cars from a period where they went from front engine to rear engine (and, IIRC, Andy Granatelli’s turbines).


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