Digital Foundry's Best Game Graphics of 2021 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation – Another Amazing Year!


Join Alex Battaglia and John Linneman for an in-depth discussion of the best gaming graphics of 2021. There have been some incredible visuals this year – standout achievements from the first year of “next-gen” consoles, and all delivered to the Covid era, no less. Note: Flight Simulator would definitely have made the list, but remember it was first released in 2020 – and we’ve covered it in depth in Best Gaming Graphics of 2020! Join the DF Patreon for flawless video uploads, behind the scenes content, early access to DF Retro, early access to DF Direct Weekly and more: Subscribe for more from Digital Foundry: Want DF t-shirts, mugs, hoodies or sweaters? Discover our shop:



  1. Ratchet and clank rift apart was my favorite game in 2021 in terms of graphics, so colorful and beautiful! Guardians of the Galaxy also looked stunning on PS5, Knowwhere was a particular highlight graphically ???????????? Deathloop had a amazing art style in terms of graphics too ????

  2. After 2 years, I finally got a ps5 and the first game I bought was Ratchet and Clank Drift Apart. Literally my jaw dropped because of how spectacular it is. It really is like playing a Pixar movie. And don't get me started on loading screens…..uh what loading screens. I was 2 hours in when I realized I hadn't seen any. For those who don't have a PS5 yet or plan on getting one, once you get one you'll never go back. I'm spoiled now lol

  3. Give me a remake for Series X from Enter the Matrix games, Max Payne series, Driver series,Splinter Cell series and Black. For PS5 a remake for The Getaway series,Socom series and Killzone series. I think most people would be thankfull. These are beautifull games that realy deserve modern graphics

  4. Metro Exodus is so unbelievably beautiful and fun, immersive, etc. Without spoiling anything for those who haven't played it, the side quests really make a difference when it comes to immersion. I just got a RTX 2070 Super and man it's GORGEOUS.

  5. I just finished Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on Series X and I was really impressed. The RT GI went so far to creating believable atmosphere that I couldn't believe it. What's more, I couldn't believe that it ran at 60fps… What a fun experience.

  6. I've only just started playing Guardians of the Galaxy and it's an amazing game. Like others I was very sceptical of this before release and I'm so glad I've played it

  7. So I wonder…since Sony is bringing the Spider-Man games to PC, you think they would bring other Insomniac games like the Ratchet and Clank games over as well?

  8. I don't understand how you're lavishing such praise on Metroid Dread. I mostly agree with your critique in general as a channel, but that game had very little going for it from an artistic perspective aside from fluid character animation. The backgrounds were largely cobbled together generic sci-fi corridor mazes with an occasional landscape or minor setpiece. The areas were surprisingly visually homogeneous, largely due to the full game integration of EMMI zones. The artistic decision making didn't suit Metroid and generally wasn't up to the atmospheric standards I expected from the series – and I'd say the same of the OST. I found the game bland and forgettable while also sometimes grating and frustrating.

  9. Complaining about how games look on console to PC is the stupidest thing I've seen or heard
    What's the price difference
    To what you actually get

    Do you never have to upgrade components for PC or some shit?
    No you've got to spend yet more and more money

  10. Forza horizon 5 for me. Everything I see it , I forget I'm in control it looks like real life. Then in photo mode you can zoom in on stuff that has crazy detail that most people will never even see. I will never forget driving past a house and looking in the windows to see that they spent time detailing inside.

    Resident Evil 8 is a #2 for me but mostly the castle and puppet house the rest of the areas didn't shine as bright.

  11. How is VRR still missing on the PS5? I wish Ratchet and Clank had a 40-60fps mode, if only the damn console wasn't four years behind the competition in supporting these A/V features.

  12. Best graphics of 2021 is Demon’s Souls Remake. I thought this even wasn’t a discussion. Hands down. Demon’s Souls Remake has the best graphics of console gaming so far.

  13. After playing Exodus I completely flipped on ray tracing from, this is a cool tech I guess, to now thinking it's one of the substantial graphical revolutions in gaming, and would love to see the next Naughty Dog title with a full GI RT for example, even at 30fps if need be. It is just so mind-boggling. No comparisons of "RT vs no RT" on Youtube give justice to the raw experience of just walking in the game and feeling so damn grounded.

  14. I've played most of these games, and Far Cry 6 and House of Ashes are way better looking than almost all of them. I guess I always take performance into account, though. A 'graphically impressive' game at sub 60 still looks like dog shit to me, unless I just want to enter photo mode then lay the controller down and stare at a frozen image — which I don't.

  15. very nice video, I feel hitman 3 had a spot on there with how incredible ssr, performance and res was across the board. especially with games like death loop on there but awesome video, cant wait for more content!!

  16. I have to share a funny joke with you all at Digital Foundry, as I was laughing for days after hearing it, How do you make someone hate your game and have nothing to do with your franchise ever again? Stick NFT's and MTX in it. I thought this was awesomely hilarious ????

  17. Again No PC Games in top Grafics. Man i really think PC is Dead. GPU Price is crazy, loading times are a joke. Performance from Nextgen to PC Gaming is terrible, or simalr or a little bit better. All not acceptable for a PC Gamer!

  18. The ultra high quality on new consoles sure is impressive, but we still gotta give credit to how beautiful these games look on 8 year old hardware, now that's a feat.


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