Official First Look at 'Enlisted' – The Free World War 2 MMO Shooter


From the creators of War Thunder, comes a new FPS war shooter with up to 150 players online. “Enlisted” gives you the ability to command your own team with some great little twists! From its free trial which you can see in the video, it looks quite promising, and even has vehicles! Play for free here:!/ Like my page on Facebook: Become an Empire Collective partner (like me): http:// SUBSCRIBE: My email for business inquiries: If I don’t answer, here’s another email to contact: business@empirecollective.LA .



  1. (T'es français? Quebecois? içi, franco-Albertain)
    I just jumped in for a short session (which included plop.fizz totorial).

    ArmA it sure ain't! But … a couple of the fellows in the squad I dropped into actually showed some grunt tactics! I got 4 kills and 2 deaths, not having clue 1 about terrain / layout (A farmyard … pret'near MOUT!) and kicked out. Schweet!

    p.s. how to change gaijin in game name? I want to add [PIR] to my Dawks since 506th has always been my unit, and one of the squads in the short list is PIR.


  2. I have just started playing realistic FPS games on PC, and can you guys recommend me some good free (or under 20 AU) games?
    I already know about War Thunder, Heroes and Generals, and Enlisted, but are there any more??

  3. so i tried this a couple days ago and it didnt work but i have already purchased the starter pack so think thats why. my friend just tried it a few mins ago and it worked 🙂

  4. STOP STOP STOP !!!!! STOP LYING there is NO MODE that allowed 100 player on the field 30 player max on each side WITHOUT squad mode ……..FALSE INFORMATION this video is crap

  5. how the fuck this game is performing so crystal clear and TODAY when i play it it has so many glitches and shits…. i mean going close to a fence is a problem when aiming, using a grenade is a problem to begin with, and much more….it is so glitchy i am totally frustrated and disappointed so i will pass it for another 2 years or so.
    If it dies then its meeh for me but if its good it will be good and i will return to it.

  6. Realism… Hmm… Not sure about that? Does this look realistic to you? Post Scriptum is realistic, ARMA is realistic, this isn't realistic. Even Hell Let Loose is more realistic and better looking than this, and I hate what they've done to that game.

  7. its not free…they ask 47 euros for some …pack, bundle what ever…signed up for this game back in 2018…installed 24th dec 2020, 47 euro??? UNINSTALLED right after..


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